Legal Advice and Administrative Expat Services

At SPAIN VILLA REAL ESTATE, we provide legal advice and administrative expat services through our collaboration with STRATEGA LEGAL CONSULTING.


Review and Drafting of Contracts: We ensure that purchase, rental, and other real estate agreements comply with laws and protect the rights of both parties.

Legal Process Guidance: We guide our clients through legal processes related to property, including obtaining permits, registrations, and compliance with local regulations.

Tax Advice: We inform about the tax implications of real estate transactions and provide strategies to optimize the tax situation.

Inheritance and Successions: We offer legal advice on matters related to inheritances and successions of real estate properties.

Permit and License Management: We facilitate the obtaining of necessary permits and licenses for the purchase, construction, or remodeling of properties.

Real Estate Financing Advice: We provide guidance on financing options and legal aspects associated with mortgages and other forms of financing.

"Our comprehensive legal services guarantee that all transactions are carried out legally and securely."


Support in Real Estate Transactions for Foreigners: We offer specialized advice on real estate transactions for foreign clients, ensuring compliance with local regulations and maximizing legal security. We speak multiple languages.

Residence and Visa Advice: We provide legal guidance in the processes of obtaining and renewing residence permits and visas, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free procedure.

Foreigners' Registration, NIE, TIE Processing: We handle the necessary procedures to register foreign citizens in Spain, complying with legal requirements and facilitating their integration.

Tax Advice for Foreigners: We offer guidance on specific tax issues for resident and non-resident foreigners, ensuring compliance with tax obligations.

Sworn Translations: We facilitate sworn translation services for legal documents, ensuring the accuracy and legal validity of the information.

Continuous Legal Assistance: We provide continuous legal advice for resident and non-resident foreigners, addressing their legal needs over time.

"These services provide comprehensive legal support for those looking to settle or invest in Spain."

Property Regularization

In many cases, property regularization before the Cadastre and the Property Registry is of paramount importance to facilitate the sale.

For the seller: It guarantees a transaction at the best price and in a reduced time.

For the buyer: It offers the security of an acquisition free of legal issues.

"Prior regularization is the key to successful and uncomplicated real estate transactions."

SPAIN VILLA REAL ESTATE, in collaboration with STRATEGA LEGAL CONSULTING, provides a hassle-free real estate experience for national and international clients.


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